Sunday, September 09, 2007

BBQ Ribs and Chicken meal

later of the yesterday.. i visited Chilis at One Utama after a movie.. this my first visit along with 2 of my friends.. in this visit i ordered this BBQ ribs and chicken meal as my main course..

this meal consists of Beef Rib, Monterey Chicken, nice bacon, rice, corn and that dunno what concoction of red beans n stuffs..

the corn.. hmm.. nice.. served with some dashes of salt and some foreign spice that i dunno what it is called.. the corn was cooked right.. thus retaining the fresh corn taste in it.. great.. the rice.. a lil too soft but pull itself up with the spice and taste.. decently good..

the red bean concoction.. errr... first of all i'm not a big fan of red beans.. but i must say that this is pretty good.. kinda like some red beans thingy mixed with salsa..

the monterey chicken.. sorry no photo was taken as it was hidden under the bacon n cheese.. well it is some good shite... one should try it.. i mean with the combination of the cheese n bacon n the chicken.. just wonderful..

you know after tasting all that... u thought u gonna have an amazing meal again in Chilis.. i was greatly disappointed with the BBQ ribs.. to be fair to other Chilis i go to.. i'm not sure if this was the cook's forgot bout the ribs still on the grill or that;s the way it is cooked.. the ribs was amazingly tough... i had a great deal of effort spent trying to eat it.. the beef was sticking to the rib.. it was too dry.. difficult to cut it off the rib bone..almost made a fool of myself sending the ribs to the other table.. just disappointing even the nice bbq sauce and its looks couldnt help..

so... i would definately Recommend readers to order Monterey Chicken... (yea u can order that alone, it was just me wanna try both thus order this combo).. as for BBQ Ribs.. i would say i'll have to pass...

thus for this meal or rather this combo dish.... i 'll rate it.. 2.5 stars out of 5 ..and...

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cossie said...

hey guys! the previous recommendation i made earlier on the blood type - diet relationship is not scientifically proven. so forget it okay? sorry for bringing it up without checking everything.