Friday, November 09, 2007

Grilled Salmon and Mille Crepe


Mille Crepe

I had both of these at Food Foundry PJ the other day. The mille crepe cake is nice but the salmon is just so so.. but since that i like salmon.. i don't mind bout the lack of taste..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tony Roma

last saturday evening i had a lil night out with my buddies.. with bunch of them we headed to Tony Roma's of Cathay Cineplex at Mutiara Damansara for dinner..

i ordered this combo meal.. Steak Combo..actually it has alot of combo with steak as the main and the side of your choice.. i ordered the combo to come with Boneless Beef Ribs with side orders of vegetables (which turned out to be broccoli) and baked potato..

to cut it short.. it was a satisfying meal.. the ribs was grilled to perfection..not too tough n not too tender.. just nice... n the steak was pretty decent.. however i would encourage readers to order the Bountiful Beef Ribs that comes with the rib bone.. it is more consistence in terms of the combi of the meat part n the tendon plus fat part.. n of course.. the whole feel of eating ribs is to bite a lil of the rib bone.. hehehe...

so this dish.... i rate it as.. RECOMMENDED.. enjoy...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Colourful Chinese Goodies

Wu Guai Bao

Cha Tan - red bean filling

Tao Yung Bao

Angkoo Kueh

Wu Guai Bao with decorations

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dinner at King Crab Restaurant

Dinner at King Crab Restaurant

Butter Crabs

Ku lou pai kuat

Steam Fish

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Japanese Dinner at Nihon Kai Restaurant

1. Nihon Kai Chopstick

2. Chawanmushi

3. Salmon Teriyaki

4. Japanese Fried Rice

5. Sashimi

6. Japanese Seafood Fried Rice

7. Miso Soup

Sunday, September 09, 2007

BBQ Ribs and Chicken meal

later of the yesterday.. i visited Chilis at One Utama after a movie.. this my first visit along with 2 of my friends.. in this visit i ordered this BBQ ribs and chicken meal as my main course..

this meal consists of Beef Rib, Monterey Chicken, nice bacon, rice, corn and that dunno what concoction of red beans n stuffs..

the corn.. hmm.. nice.. served with some dashes of salt and some foreign spice that i dunno what it is called.. the corn was cooked right.. thus retaining the fresh corn taste in it.. great.. the rice.. a lil too soft but pull itself up with the spice and taste.. decently good..

the red bean concoction.. errr... first of all i'm not a big fan of red beans.. but i must say that this is pretty good.. kinda like some red beans thingy mixed with salsa..

the monterey chicken.. sorry no photo was taken as it was hidden under the bacon n cheese.. well it is some good shite... one should try it.. i mean with the combination of the cheese n bacon n the chicken.. just wonderful..

you know after tasting all that... u thought u gonna have an amazing meal again in Chilis.. i was greatly disappointed with the BBQ ribs.. to be fair to other Chilis i go to.. i'm not sure if this was the cook's forgot bout the ribs still on the grill or that;s the way it is cooked.. the ribs was amazingly tough... i had a great deal of effort spent trying to eat it.. the beef was sticking to the rib.. it was too dry.. difficult to cut it off the rib bone..almost made a fool of myself sending the ribs to the other table.. just disappointing even the nice bbq sauce and its looks couldnt help..

so... i would definately Recommend readers to order Monterey Chicken... (yea u can order that alone, it was just me wanna try both thus order this combo).. as for BBQ Ribs.. i would say i'll have to pass...

thus for this meal or rather this combo dish.... i 'll rate it.. 2.5 stars out of 5 ..and...

spicy meat sauce noodles

Met up with one of our fellow contributor here TM and another friend of ours for lunch.. after much thoughts n opinions we finally decided to have our lunch at this restaurant situated at the Lower Ground floor of Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.. i would have to apologize to readers as i cant recall the name of this restaurant.. what i can described to you is that this shop is more or less next to Old Town Cafe and pretty close to the escalator.. very chinaman looking shop n this shop is not HALAL..

ok.. bout the food.. .. hmm.. let's start with the noodles.. like them.. but i found it to be a lil too soft.. maybe they overcooked a lil.. but the noodle was good.. at its own.. then the meat sauce.. although it was named "spicy".. it isnt really impressed me.. it tasted only a teeeny weeny lil spicy.. trust me.. not so surprisingly.. it tasted somehow sweet.. kinda usual in malaysia when spicy food is improvised for the benefit of all ages, races n taste buds.. to add up the spiciness put in some of the restaurant's sambal.. that should do a lil trick.. hehehe.. presentation and portion wise were reasonable..

hmm.. overall this is pretty decent.. not to say super good.. but decent enough that you'll go back for another round of it...


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Carl's Junior Charboiled Chicken Burger

A Drink and Condiments


Charboiled Chicken Burger