Monday, October 22, 2007

Tony Roma

last saturday evening i had a lil night out with my buddies.. with bunch of them we headed to Tony Roma's of Cathay Cineplex at Mutiara Damansara for dinner..

i ordered this combo meal.. Steak Combo..actually it has alot of combo with steak as the main and the side of your choice.. i ordered the combo to come with Boneless Beef Ribs with side orders of vegetables (which turned out to be broccoli) and baked potato..

to cut it short.. it was a satisfying meal.. the ribs was grilled to perfection..not too tough n not too tender.. just nice... n the steak was pretty decent.. however i would encourage readers to order the Bountiful Beef Ribs that comes with the rib bone.. it is more consistence in terms of the combi of the meat part n the tendon plus fat part.. n of course.. the whole feel of eating ribs is to bite a lil of the rib bone.. hehehe...

so this dish.... i rate it as.. RECOMMENDED.. enjoy...

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